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 The first pair of silkies I got was in 2004, and I have been hooked ever since. These are fabulous little birds, sweet and gentle, and very photogenic!! I am now raising White, Buff, Black and Blue.

Breeding is going strong with the whites this year so should have some tremendous stock to sell and show. My white pullet I hatched out in 2007 won Grand Champion of the show at the National Western Stock Show 2008 in Denver, Colorado at 7 months old out of over 500 birds!

I only sell started silkies and prices for Pet Quality Silkies vary. Pet quality means there will probably be some kind of fault that would prevent them from being shown, such as a 6th toe or missing a toe altogether, poor toe separation, etc. Whatever I happen to not want to keep.

Show Quality means no faults at all that I can tell.  I will sell show quality silkies on rare occasions, but my formost goal is to provide myself with new stock every year to replace the old ones as needed. I hatch on a limited basis and do not hatch hundreds of birds each year. Check with me in SPRIN for adult birds I wish to get rid of to make room for chicks, these will be wonderful breeder birds. I will likely only have young cockerels and pullets available in the FALL.



I have had questions about who's line my white silkies are of and the answer is simply- MY LINE. The original pair I started with years ago came from a well know Master Breeder. At that time, I did not hatch any as I was not interested in raising silkies. They were just pretty. About a year after I purchased them, the white female passed on after some really cold weather.. So, I looked into getting a few more. The next whites that I got came from Texas, the farm was Broke Down Ranch. I purchased a white pair or trio, I do not recall exactly, at that time. I did hatch a few birds out of that pair and ended up with a few very nice white pullets that I kept. Which brings me to last year. I had a bad time last year with a bug that came around the spring, and had the vets at CSU come out to test birds. The results came back as nothing serious, and I was told to always have Tylan on hand. I managed to keep two white females alive, barely, it was truly a miracle, one white pullet that won Grand Champion at the National Western Stock Show in 2008 and the original girl from BDR. I hatched like mad, mostly out of the 2008 grand champion winner.. I hatched out around 30 birds from that trio last year, and it was around 20 females and 10 males. After culls, I had a very nice flock of whites, with awesome potential, keeping roughly 10 females and 3 males.


I have since added a white female from Harvest Breeze Farms, 2 White Pullets from Premier Silkies and a Cockerel also from Premier Silkies. My main breeding rooster, Frosty from BDR, past away last year and he will be missed. I kept one male, the best from them. The cockerel from Premier is in a pen with many girls, crossed over to the ones that I raised form last year. I will also be introducing a cockerel next year (2010) and possible a few pullets from a friend who purchase pure Kutch lines.

These are some of last years hens, but most of these birds are 2009 hatched.

This is the cock I got from Premier Farms last year. He is the sire of many of the white birds.


Sorry for the type over ALL the pictures but people are liars and frauds out there and stealing photos for their own gain.

This is one of the cockerels I am keeping from this year


and the other cockerel

Tusk- very first white silkie I ever got.



 Frosty (pictured below) passed away in 2008-  He will be missed.


2009 Pictures of 2008 Girls- Freshly bathed and ready for the shows!


This is Rose, she won Champion Featherleg and Reserve Bantam at the 2009 National Western Stock Show!

Once bathed, the girls get their boots on. The Colorado State University girls who test birds at the show got a big kick out of these. I put them on once washed and dry, to protect their foot feathering form getting poo on them.

Yes, I make them myself and finally I think I have a plan sorted out for them so I can sell them. See the "for sale" page.

This is Jasper, he is out of Frosty, my male that passed away last year. He is a natural breeder, though I have used AI on him in the past. All my males have been trimmed for better coverage of the females.

All my birds have names, and I have been moving girls around as needed. My white cockerel Aidan, pictured below, is from Premier Silkies and I have been using AI on him quite successfully. I try to keep only natural breeders here, but, I like the option for the boys to know what AI is all about if needed.

These are some of the offspring from 2008. Most chicks came from my Grand Champion Winner, though some did not.




















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