To all potential buyers OF BIRDS-

Please note, I raise these birds for my own enjoyment. I show them yes, and when I have birds to sell, I will post them here. But, a few things I want noted before you e-mail me.

Until the birds leave my PROPERTY they are in MY CARE. Which mean, if I decide AFTER you have sent me payment that for any reason, I do not feel it is safe to ship because I think they are too young still or the weather is not good enough, or whatever reason I deem at the time, and I cannot ship, I will NOT ship them.

I WILL return your money if I cannot fullfill my end of the bargain. I do not shaft people out of money and give them nothing in return, I do not need the money that badly.

  I WILL NOT risk the safety and well being of MY birds just because I said I would ship them at such and such a time and your son/daughter/yourself/husband/wife wants them NOW or AS PROMISED. My birds health comes FIRST and foremost over any "promise" or "obligation" to anyone else. If that means I am ready to ship and two days prior the weather shows ANY temp (here or your place) over 85°F....the birds are not leaving my house. Believe it or not folks, I have NO CONTROL OVER THE WEATHER!!!!! If you are one of those people who has to have it now regardless of these things I mentioned, then you need to find another breeder to contact. 





If you have any questions about my website or birds, please e-mail me at

and put "SILKIES" or "BIRDS" in the subject line.


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