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Sept 13, 2010

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on September 13, 2010 at 5:50 PM

Well, had a white cockerel sold, but, he decided to get into a fight and must have gotten a good conk on the noggin as for about 24 hrs he was showing serious signs of brain issues. After a few days, he appears right as rain and seems to be enjoying life with about 25 hens, even though he has no idea what to do with them all yet!!! He is such a pretty boy,. I hope I find him a home. Was going to seperate more birds to condition but frankly, seeing I am not attending MN show due to their "requirements: AND the fact that the Holiday Inn screwed me out of almost $500 I am a little ticked off and will just be going to the Feather Fanciers Show here in Denver.


Going to show the little off colored silkies, even though 1 has six toes and both are really young. They are colors that no one has shown in silkies before so what the hell!


Going to show probably more than I should but it is the only show this year for me and I have a lot of birds.


Hubby drove to the swap Sunday and sold off probably about 30 birds almost all cockerels except 6, and made a lot more money than I anticipated for all roosters. I truly think that people (even if they are eating them) look for the people who raise and bring good clean birds that look healthy all the time. Hubby had them all sold in 1/2 hour.


Found out there will be a new Silkies genetics book out sometime next month, I am so getting that one too!!!!

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2:16 PM on September 15, 2010 
Did you talk to Chad? Where is the pic of this white cockerel, he may want it over my cull out, lol
Reply Janine
6:39 PM on September 28, 2010 
wow thats cool, I would love to know when the new genetics book comes out.. keep us posted on that.. and I'll try to meet up with you at the Feather Fanciers show in Oct.. I'm planning on that.. even though I won't have any birds to show.. but I will learn a lot hopefully from just watching..