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November 18th, 2010

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on November 18, 2010 at 5:36 PM

The year is close to getting over and the holidays are upon us. Joy, joy.....


The show I attended in October was very nice, and we did quite well, and would have had another starred win if only there had been more featherlegs! We were so close with 91 entered.

Had sold a white hen at the show, and had a white hen die a few days later. Thats the way it is, thats why we keep keeping young stock to replace the old. Just this week, weather took a sudden drop in Temp, and lost a blue hen, and just today, one of the white hens I showed. The blue hen I noticed was sick 2 days ago, and then yesterday dead. Had treated, but the way with silkies is that you just really do not know that they are sick like you would a normal chicken, their fluff hides a lot! They are pretty much the pampered poodles of the chicken world, and not for just the backyarder to keep a little show pony that has special needs. Hatchery birds are better for beginners if your not planning on showing as the showers need special care and attention. Have several not feeling up to par, Tylan and vitamins in the waterers and Silkies are in lockdown in clean coops for the winter. Chances are they will not get to go outside for some time now unless there is a unusually warm day. Plus, my silkies are not much into going out anyways. The white hen that died today could have been one of the several broodies I have had, as she was in the pile in the corner. Maybe she was not sick, maybe she just got buried int he fluff pile, but no way to know now. If she was a broody, chances are she brooded herself to death by not eating.

My little white girls are growing well, except one, who is so tiny I never know. I also have a black hen who got bonked on the head after the show and recovered, and for some reason, she is not walking really. I know she can move her feet, she just does not want to. Oh the trials with silkies.

The two buffs I got from Chad are still very tiny, I actually have forgotten how old they could be now, and I am not sure if they are a pair or not. They are so similar and whole nice looking birds, they are small crested. Hopefully time will age them well. Not sure WHY I kept the two breeder males I have as they are both ugly as sin, guess I better plan on keeping a son for breeding this year in case the boy from Chad is not a boy after all.

Sold off my older Premier cock bird and another younger cockerel to a buyer in Washington, still have one available.

Just got 2 nice females from Bren in TX, who decided to sell out of Buffs. such a shame too as she had beautiful buffs. I am just glad to get two of the last. They are not in condition now, but under the ugly, I can see they have good type, nice wings and great color. Cannot wait to see them in all their glory, but they will have to stay in Brooder house as they are from TX and not used to CO weather.

Will be picking up birds from Premier via a chicken train with Mike - House of Champions. Got the really gorgeous white cock bird Lars she has been using for a few years now and have not seen the others yet. I know a black pair....cannot wait to meet them! New blood for my black program and whites!

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