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Sept 9th, 2010

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on September 9, 2010 at 12:42 PM

I am so annoyed, I almost dated my blog as 2009....... Geez. I cannot believe what the Dept of Ag does to the poultry shows around the country.


I am NOT going to MN, instead will be hanging around the house I guess and putting in the new flooring that needs done anyway. Will give me time to wash my birds a bit in advance for the Feather Fanciers show late October, sorry to disappoint my friends in MN, I just cannot do it!


I spent an entire day on the phone with everyone regarding the birds and testing. CSU will give the health certificate for $200, but then my Pullorum might not be any good it being at 43 days instead of the required 30 days for the show in MN. 12 hours is pretty far to drive for a "MIGHT". Contacted a vet here locally, who was calling MN to see what I needed. They came back with I needed to contact another state vet to get the health cert done. Although, the vet clinic I contacted had like 5 vets there, half do house pets, the other half livestock. I asked about health certs, they range between $15-$20 for livestock. I called the vet they suggested. She cannot do it as she cannot "compete" against the clinic. She could assist them if need be though. Word is, in order for them to do the health cert, the pullorum testing needs redone, which means the birds needs blood draw from everyone attending the show, vialed, sent to CSU for testing, and then results. Unknown on charges, would have to pay vet clinic, possible state vet, then shipping the bloodwork, then the testing, and then the health cert. prices were going to be $150 and up. And I would have to work around the state vets schedule, MY schedule, and the clinics schedule because, the clinic vets do not feel comfortable drawing blood........... WTF is THAT supposed to mean????? Are they NOT VETS? Is that NOT what they DO?? They would really spaz out if they saw it was a black skinned chicken, and no mention of breed occured. The bottom line, learn to deal with chickens yourself as your never gonna find a local vet that will do it in Colorado unless they specialize in Avian species. Yeah, i could probably go up to Loveland to the Avian vet there, I have taken birds to her before, but 15 birds, an hour and a half away in my car for a possible okay, and then probably she does not have the equipment to do the testing is just not worth it.


All birds for sale are pictured on for sale page. All birds pictured will be sold one way or another by November, I just hope it goes to breeders or families and not for food.

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2:22 PM on December 5, 2010 
Пасибо за материалы!
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