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May 8th, 2010

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Well another Spring is here! Weather has been nice, but very windy, making chores hard. Hubby has been hard at work on my brooder house, totally gutting the building down to the frame, putting on a new metal roof to match the house roof, new siding (concrete) that matches the house. Beautiful new door with a window in it that can be opened, a window in the back for cross ventilation. This building will have counter space and some storage space but will have mostly my brooder cages and show conditioning cages. Once completed, (he has a deadline of August 31st.) This will have all 4 of my large fowl show cages to prep large fowl for the shows, 8 of the bantam show cages, my 2 dog kennel cages stacked, on rollers for brooding chicks, the 3 tiered metal rabbit cages for trios or pairs to condition for show, and all along the other wall, above the large fowl show cages near the floor, there will be 2 rows of built in wooden cages, plastic mesh fronts, and will be 2x4 each, but able to add in dividers to make each section 2x2, so I could add 12 more birds in for show conditioning. But they are meant for raising chicks.

Birds have been doing a lot of brooding and I still have a quad of Whites for sale. The blue and blacks sale is pending still. If no interest in the whites by the beginning of June, I will list on Eggbid. Shipping will be a lot, as I do not over crowd my birds into boxes. I  can fit a trio into a larger Omni box, and can ship the other one seperate in a single stall. Shipping would likely run about $110.

Been hatching chicks, got some strange ones, some are born white out of the black pen, and have pink skin for a while, but that quickly disappears and they do get dark. Also still getting silver gened white chicks out of the black birds, they carry silver very nicely no gold here! My buff birds are producing well, got a bunch out of my Paradise cock, and a few out of my new red roo, but now am getting some from the red pen again. Some birds are getting a lot of black in them, but it seems to disappear as they get older. Very nice color. The red bird is in with the two lightest buffs I have, hopefully he will pass on his genetics to his offspring. Partridge is always a possibility with the buffs.

Plan to catch up with Connie int he fall and trade some birds, cannot wait!

April 5th, 2010

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Happy Easter!! And, I might add, what a wonderful world it is when you can witness the miracle of a baby chick hatching from its shell! Pipping started Saturday night, and Sunday morning all were still in. By Sunday night, I had a buff chick and a Dutch chick. By bed I had another Dutch chick, and by Monday morning (today) I have two buffs, two Dutch, two Whites and another buff from a different pen in the process of hatching. They were a bit early, but you can never be sure on temp or humidity when you rely on battery operated units. Yes, the glass thermometers are much better, but, the bator that I am currently hatching had one of those in there too and it kept telling me it was only 95°F in there so its wrong too.


These buff chicks will be vital to my program, as I only have 5 females and two males and the first two to hatch are from my new dark red boy.

March 16th, 2009

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Due to some Ebay members stealing photos from me, all photos on my photobucket have been removed, hopefully deleting all photso on the net that I have posted anywhere. I will turn the breed pages on this website back on once I get all my copyrights in place, which will take some time. Please bear with me, I do this only due to several dishonest people!!!

February 18, 2010

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Come on Spring! I am dying for some nice weather! Gearing up for the poultry show in April, and to start breeding birds again. Hubby will be fixing the old building for my chick building....cannot wait!

Due to the amount of spam I am getting in my guestbook, I am disabling it.

Happy Holidays

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on December 19, 2009 at 11:49 AM Comments comments (3)

Have not made a post entry in a really long time, sorry about that.  Birds have all been wonderful, got my new Buff Silkie Cockerel from Brens Cozy Silkies in TX and he is just a doll. REALLY good fertility in the pens, and even though I have not set any myself, I have shipped out 3 batches of eggs to people, and the first two people so far have had almost 100% fertility from my black/blue, white and buff pens. Unfortunately, neither of them had that many hatch, but, that is truly  why people just cannot guaranty you will get them to hatch. MY JOB is to get them fertile and to you in one piece. Your job is of course the hardest part, getting them to go to full term. I had recently read a very interesting article about improving your hatchability by adding 2 TBS of clorox to the incubator water (one time) and it will help kill any bacteria in or on the eggs. Apparently, during incubation this bacteria will keep growing and is isually the cause for late term die offs in your eggs. (Like around day 18-20) Now, I have not presonally tried this, but plan too first thing in the spring.


Pens are cold and muddy and messy, so my birds do not look good enough for pictures. I did go to the Feather Fanciers show in October, but due to the new job, did not make it to any others this year. I do not plan on attending the National Western Stock Show in January due to work and the fact that they put the show back up on the third floor. It is such a hassle to go there anyway and that just makes it more so. All my silkies are in fact locked inside most of the winter, but the large fowl do get to go out. Today I am Frontlining birds for bugs. I think I have around 80 birds?


My next show will be in April at the Colorado Poultry Associations Spring Show in Pueblo, April 24th (Its the last Saturday of the month.) Art Rieber will be the judge.


I DO currently have 4 pairs of birds for sale, that I am willing to have a friend take up to the Stock Show or I can meet someone here in Colorado to pick them up. I have a blue pair,, a black pair, and two white pairs. See my for sale page for more information to be updated today.

Summer- July 31, 2009

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Well, this has been one strange spring for us. The weather has been RAINY for months, and now, the last few weeks have been much drier and normal thank god! All the birds were sick, and I had a few die unexpectedly, but all in all, its been okay. Kept 8 Rhode Island Red pullets and two Rhode Island Red rosecomb rooster to start my breeding program with next year. Sold my Ameraucana rooster so now done with breeding those. The rest of the Ameraucana hens will just be layers if  I keep them and for this year, I probably will.

I have raised a lot of silkies, though had a bunch of unexpected birds. I tried to put a blue male over buff hens as I was told I would get buff, and possibly blue, but all I got was blue with buff coloring leaking through all over the place. They look like a birchen, but with gold instead of silver. All will be sold as pets. I also hatched some whites from a black pair, but those whites have red combs and yellow beaks so all of those will be sold too. I do have one silver gene white I intend on keeping, however, it also has a bit of pink in its comb so I think I will try to keep it anyway to see what happens.

Hatched out only 4 Dutch chicks, 3 for sure are roosters. Fertility has been awful after the birds finally started laying, and I figure its because my rooster is old. So, one of the newly hatched ones will be my new rooster for next year.

Also hatched something that Hubby marked as a buff egg, well, the chick looks splash, which should not be at all possible with the birds I have. I own no splash.

I am not sure how many chicks I hatched, but feel I have about 20 blue/black chicks outside, and about 15 or so whites. I do still have a few in the house and two more incubators left to hatch out of. I think I will try a shipment in of buff eggs to try to get a new rooster, but that will be the last for this season. We have cabinets to paint and install in the laundry room, and crown molding to install there so we need the hatching to stop.

Was going to paint the house this year but had to postpone that idea till we have some more money. At least we are both still working, which in this economy, is a blessing I guess. I heard on the radio today that the recession is slowing down. I hope they are right.

Hoping to get to the Feather Fanciers show this year in October, but due to work, will likely be the only show I get to, until next year when I can get some vacation time.

May 13, 2009

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Been busy around here lately. I tell you working full time sure does put a huge damper on my bird time! Got all the chicks out of my house now, for a few days at least. I had James build me a brooder box to put babies in, but, the juvie Rhode Island Reds and the Ameraucanas needed to go to a space where they could go outside now, so I moved them (and a few older silkies) to the breeder pen with outside access, put the little ones in the brooder box in the coop indoors, and put the trio of black/blue in the brooder box. They do not like it, but until I figure out a better idea, thats the way it is. I desperately need to get rid of some started birds and a few older ones so please, chick out the for sale page!

I have been setting eggs again, mostly blue/black silkies, whites fertility went down after I was not able to AI, however, I will be resetting some again to see if the nice weather has made a difference. I STILL have a pen of broodies.

 I have set some Dutch eggs, but almost all of them are not fertile. Maybe its too soon, or maybe my rooster is too old. I do not know. I have not hatched any buff silkies yet either, though I think I might have a few in the bators now. I plan on setting two more batches of eggs one with Black silkies and Buff Silkies and another batch with Dutch Bantams and Blue Silkies.

Many of my whites now have their butts clipped, and I have used food dye on a few to tell who is laying what. Poor luck with that though, I do know now what size,shape and color the black girls eggs are though and am setting every black egg I get.

Trading two East Indie Pencil Drawings for 4 Rhode Island Red pullets from House of Champions. Will get started on the drawings this weekend, as I already have the pullets in my possession.

April 29th, 2009

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Well my bird show is finally over. We did not do too bad, but I had absolutely no time to prep birds (with being show secretary and all). I was lucky to even see the birds at the show. The judge Marilyn Novat did a wonderful job and she really liked my buff silkies, as she placed a buff as Best Of Breed! My White Cockerel got Reserve Breed and I had my Standard Rhode Island Red get Reserve American.

I bought a three tired rabbit cage set up at the show which is currently housing my blue/black chicks and White chicks and the bottom cage is housing broodies to try to break them. I got it for a ridiculously cheap price.

For those of you who were wondering about the Status of the Zebra chicks, now that i have figured out how to post pics to my blog, I will post pics of them the next time. I have sold them to a lady in TX however, so they are no longer available.

I do not think I will be attending many shows at all this year, as I started a new job and days off are few for a while. I do not want to push my luck, I need a job more than I need to show birds! I do intend on going to the Rocky Mountain Feather Fanciers show in October though.


April 11th, 2009

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on April 11, 2009 at 5:33 PM Comments comments (1)

Hatching has gone so well that I have temporarily stopped setting eggs. I have 6 white broodies, and 5 blue broodies. None of my Dutch bantams are laying and very few of my remaining Ameraucanas are laying at this time. The weather has been on and off lately, good for a few days, then snow again! When will spring get here already???? Had some work done on the house, and with the economy, money is tight for everyone, even us. I have opted to not do too many shows this year due to finances.


I have approx 50 chicks, 14 of those are large fowl Exhibition Rhode Island Reds in Single and Rose Comb. I am contemplating whether I will continue raising Ameraucanas or decide to switch over to RIR's. The reds are fabulous birds, much different in temperment than the hatchery stock. The AOSB classes in shows are usually so small and I rarely see any other Ameraucanas in them so no competition. I will likely keep both breeds still to some degree, but trying to decide which of them I will be actively breeding.


I hatched out several blue silkies, actually, they all look blue at hatch, but it seems that as they feather, they change enough so that I am not aware of if they are black or still blue. I have a few that are looking black now though. Even my Black Ameraucanas have hatched out more of a blue shade, but they are black, no doubt about it as I have no other color. Also hatched out what breeders are telling me are either a partridge or blue partridge silkies. They are nice birds so far, but not something I will be raising.


Will resume hatching chicks as soon as I have some room in the pens for them to go.

Let there be Zebras......

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on February 18, 2009 at 1:07 AM Comments comments (1)

Well, The hatching has officially begun! I am supposed to officially start hatching tomorrow, but as usual, the chicks cannot wait to arrive so they started a day early. :D


The first two that arrived are a bit unexpected. Yes, I knew I was hatching silkies, but, I was not expecting Zebras! LOL. The first two chicks are very much white, with wonderful black chipmunk stripes on them. They are adorable, but not sure where the color came from to be honest! One is very vaulted indeed, but these are out of my Black and Blue/Splash pen and by the normal genetic scenarios, I should only get Black and Blue chicks. These are neither black nor blue and are not splash, I have hatched splash before so I have NO idea what these are. It will be facinating to see what they turn into. The third chick to hatch is a black/blue chick, not sure which, but also extremely vaulted. I think he might be decended from Coneheads....come on people...remember the Coneheads?

More chicks to hatch tomorrow as I have 4 more pipped, and I have about 5 or so due in another week. All black/blue. In about 2 weeks, I have a mixed batch of blue/black and some white in there.


Dutch bantams are not laying at all, unless they are burying their eggs in the litter or eating them as I have found NOTHING in that pen. Ameraucanas have gone on vacation as well it seems. Serves me right for wanting to get a jump on the chick business this year.