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December 3rd, 2011

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on December 3, 2011 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (8)

Things are quiet on the homefront, not showing much at the moment due ot work and the need for a vacation on occasion. Planning on doing our local club show nex tyear in June, and nothing else scheduled. All the birds I currently have are keepers and nothing new is available except for what is posted on the sale page.

I am selling out of the Dutch bantams, as I really do not show them any longer, they just do not do well out here in the shows we have. I need the coop space for the Guineas, which are my new love and will be for pest control if they stick around.

Will continue to hatch next year early Spring, pretty much breeding for my own benefit, cull birds will be sold at the bird swaps in Brighton when I can get there. If anyone is interested in Silkies, contact me for availability, I am no longer selling eggs. I realize I have not updated these pages in some time, but hopefully when I drop out of the Secretary position for my local club, and the Christmas season is over, I will have more time. I am missing the sound of chicks as well.

Got lots of new stock this fall, Got new Black, Blue, White and Splash cockerels from Michelle Kuss, and a White pair from Marilyn Uilk and still have my Black and White Cock birds from Premier Silkies. All very nice birds. Will have to keep track of breedings more closely next year due to the infux of bloodlines. Can't wait to see what happens!!

August 6th, 2011

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Its been almost a year since y last entry, and that is all to blame on facebook, which is where I spend most of my time.

Hatching did not go too well this year, fighting mites int he pens and on valuable roosters, making them not want to breed. Then combining that with many broodies and hotter than normal temps, its been a wild year. Hatched many black/blues this year, mostly going to be black, and several buff. Sold off about 10-15 black and buff hens that were older, as well as older Dutch bantams and a few off colored young silkie stock and some roosters. Making room for the new stock and the hens I sold off were ones that were not so great any more to be replaced. As you get better stock, its important to sell off the ones that suited your needs in the past, but are inferior to the new stock. It adds new blood and improves your program.

Lost our older female cat (China) this year in  early June, after 2 months of battling oral cancer with her. Her and I had a love/hate relationship...we hated each other almost till the end, but I still loved her and I feel she knew towards the end that I tried to help her. She was very much James cat. We had her put to sleep after a week of not eating or drinking. It was pretty uneventful.

We waited a few months and now are proud owners of a new female siamese kitten we named Molly. she is a sweetheart and a terror all balled up in fur. Curently she is about 8 weeks old, and much to our other cat (Elijah)'s dismay, she will be part of the family. She is too tiny to be around the dogs, so we keep her in a pet carrier while we are not home to ensure her safety.



Because of work, and only getting about a week off for vacation time a year, I have decided that I am going to stop showing birds for a while. I was going to the Farmington, New Mexico show as I have not been for several years. However, showing has been more and more a strain on me with time off of work, and I want to do something for ME. I have been using all my time off of work to be chicken related, and I would like to start doing actual vacations for a change. Plus, my little sister will be having a baby next month and I entend to go there and meet my niece Ava next year. i very much want to be a part of her life. This no way means I am getting out of birds, or not raising to the standards I have been all this time, it just means that I will not be in the show rings for a while.

November 18th, 2010

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The year is close to getting over and the holidays are upon us. Joy, joy.....


The show I attended in October was very nice, and we did quite well, and would have had another starred win if only there had been more featherlegs! We were so close with 91 entered.

Had sold a white hen at the show, and had a white hen die a few days later. Thats the way it is, thats why we keep keeping young stock to replace the old. Just this week, weather took a sudden drop in Temp, and lost a blue hen, and just today, one of the white hens I showed. The blue hen I noticed was sick 2 days ago, and then yesterday dead. Had treated, but the way with silkies is that you just really do not know that they are sick like you would a normal chicken, their fluff hides a lot! They are pretty much the pampered poodles of the chicken world, and not for just the backyarder to keep a little show pony that has special needs. Hatchery birds are better for beginners if your not planning on showing as the showers need special care and attention. Have several not feeling up to par, Tylan and vitamins in the waterers and Silkies are in lockdown in clean coops for the winter. Chances are they will not get to go outside for some time now unless there is a unusually warm day. Plus, my silkies are not much into going out anyways. The white hen that died today could have been one of the several broodies I have had, as she was in the pile in the corner. Maybe she was not sick, maybe she just got buried int he fluff pile, but no way to know now. If she was a broody, chances are she brooded herself to death by not eating.

My little white girls are growing well, except one, who is so tiny I never know. I also have a black hen who got bonked on the head after the show and recovered, and for some reason, she is not walking really. I know she can move her feet, she just does not want to. Oh the trials with silkies.

The two buffs I got from Chad are still very tiny, I actually have forgotten how old they could be now, and I am not sure if they are a pair or not. They are so similar and whole nice looking birds, they are small crested. Hopefully time will age them well. Not sure WHY I kept the two breeder males I have as they are both ugly as sin, guess I better plan on keeping a son for breeding this year in case the boy from Chad is not a boy after all.

Sold off my older Premier cock bird and another younger cockerel to a buyer in Washington, still have one available.

Just got 2 nice females from Bren in TX, who decided to sell out of Buffs. such a shame too as she had beautiful buffs. I am just glad to get two of the last. They are not in condition now, but under the ugly, I can see they have good type, nice wings and great color. Cannot wait to see them in all their glory, but they will have to stay in Brooder house as they are from TX and not used to CO weather.

Will be picking up birds from Premier via a chicken train with Mike - House of Champions. Got the really gorgeous white cock bird Lars she has been using for a few years now and have not seen the others yet. I know a black pair....cannot wait to meet them! New blood for my black program and whites!

Sept 13, 2010

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on September 13, 2010 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (2)

Well, had a white cockerel sold, but, he decided to get into a fight and must have gotten a good conk on the noggin as for about 24 hrs he was showing serious signs of brain issues. After a few days, he appears right as rain and seems to be enjoying life with about 25 hens, even though he has no idea what to do with them all yet!!! He is such a pretty boy,. I hope I find him a home. Was going to seperate more birds to condition but frankly, seeing I am not attending MN show due to their "requirements: AND the fact that the Holiday Inn screwed me out of almost $500 I am a little ticked off and will just be going to the Feather Fanciers Show here in Denver.


Going to show the little off colored silkies, even though 1 has six toes and both are really young. They are colors that no one has shown in silkies before so what the hell!


Going to show probably more than I should but it is the only show this year for me and I have a lot of birds.


Hubby drove to the swap Sunday and sold off probably about 30 birds almost all cockerels except 6, and made a lot more money than I anticipated for all roosters. I truly think that people (even if they are eating them) look for the people who raise and bring good clean birds that look healthy all the time. Hubby had them all sold in 1/2 hour.


Found out there will be a new Silkies genetics book out sometime next month, I am so getting that one too!!!!

Sept 10, 2010

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on September 10, 2010 at 11:19 AM Comments comments (0)

Why is it always the good ones that die? Had a really nice white cockerel sold, and what happens? Somehow, he must have started a fight or gotten into one as he HAD to have bonked his head or someone way laid him and now he has brain damage. It is ALWAYS the best ones too.


Finally got through one read of the new Genetics of Chicken Colours book, great read, fabulous pictures, as I know, there is only4 copies left with Jerry the Serama guy in LA. Very worth the price.


Going to be shipping many birds off to the bird swap on Sunday, hopefully that will make some pen space for me.

Sept 9th, 2010

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on September 9, 2010 at 12:42 PM Comments comments (2)

I am so annoyed, I almost dated my blog as 2009....... Geez. I cannot believe what the Dept of Ag does to the poultry shows around the country.


I am NOT going to MN, instead will be hanging around the house I guess and putting in the new flooring that needs done anyway. Will give me time to wash my birds a bit in advance for the Feather Fanciers show late October, sorry to disappoint my friends in MN, I just cannot do it!


I spent an entire day on the phone with everyone regarding the birds and testing. CSU will give the health certificate for $200, but then my Pullorum might not be any good it being at 43 days instead of the required 30 days for the show in MN. 12 hours is pretty far to drive for a "MIGHT". Contacted a vet here locally, who was calling MN to see what I needed. They came back with I needed to contact another state vet to get the health cert done. Although, the vet clinic I contacted had like 5 vets there, half do house pets, the other half livestock. I asked about health certs, they range between $15-$20 for livestock. I called the vet they suggested. She cannot do it as she cannot "compete" against the clinic. She could assist them if need be though. Word is, in order for them to do the health cert, the pullorum testing needs redone, which means the birds needs blood draw from everyone attending the show, vialed, sent to CSU for testing, and then results. Unknown on charges, would have to pay vet clinic, possible state vet, then shipping the bloodwork, then the testing, and then the health cert. prices were going to be $150 and up. And I would have to work around the state vets schedule, MY schedule, and the clinics schedule because, the clinic vets do not feel comfortable drawing blood........... WTF is THAT supposed to mean????? Are they NOT VETS? Is that NOT what they DO?? They would really spaz out if they saw it was a black skinned chicken, and no mention of breed occured. The bottom line, learn to deal with chickens yourself as your never gonna find a local vet that will do it in Colorado unless they specialize in Avian species. Yeah, i could probably go up to Loveland to the Avian vet there, I have taken birds to her before, but 15 birds, an hour and a half away in my car for a possible okay, and then probably she does not have the equipment to do the testing is just not worth it.


All birds for sale are pictured on for sale page. All birds pictured will be sold one way or another by November, I just hope it goes to breeders or families and not for food.

September 7th, 2010

Posted by silverpulletpoultry on September 7, 2010 at 10:42 PM Comments comments (0)

Been pretty busy with work and all, but have a bunch of roosters for sale. Some will be going to the swap on Sunday, but others I would like to sell to someone who will not eat them. Please check out the for sale page in the next few days. If interested, I will require payment ASAP to hold the bird for shipping.  I am trying to be patient but space is of a virtue out here right now.

Trying to get to the show in MN, but the rules are making it damn near impossible to do so. I am trying to get all my tests done as possible, but might not be able to swing it. The state wants $200 to get a health certificate and I have to have pullorum testing done 30 days before the show so testing that I had done in August will not be considered. The MN state vet said it would be okay but he will not be the one there when I show up to the show 12 hrs away with birds! Trying to find a local vet to get health certificate done. I am tempted to scratch the whole thing and say screw it will do it next year.


got doors done on our house, and soon will be doing flooring. Hopefully will not be difficult!


Have several birds in show cages prepping and have been babying the heck out of my new project, Wheaten and Silver Wheaten silkies.


Weather is cooling off so hopefully shipping will be end of month or next.

August 25th, 2010

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Pretty soon will be mobing the rest of the birds into cages to prep for show. Hotel is booked in MN, will probably have to take the truck though, never know when you might come home with something awesome!

Some birds just are not bright though. I have three younger pullets, a blue, black and white who just simply REFUSE to eat anything. I cannot understand why I end up with all the anorexic chickens! Even with hair taped up, I have started hand feeding them Exactee Hand Rearing Bird formula with a syringe. Morning and night and will continue until I start seeing them improve. Not sure what their issue is, doesn't matter if their hair is taped or not, what I give them or if I give them companions, they still act like well stupid birds! I have been making sure that their water gets the Foy's All in One just in case there is something wrong that I do not know about.

Not much else, have had some hot and cold weather....going this weekend to Denver to get new flooring for the house. Going to be doing a slight job change at work, hopefully will be less stressful.

August 10th, 2010

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Rain, Rain, go AWAY!!! Boy it poured here like a monsoon yesterday. Remembered I left the window open in the brooder house so ran out to close it. It is truly like 50 feet from my door and I was drenched in my PJ's when I got back. LOL.:D


Babies are growing good, got about half my cages filled with birds for show in October, need to get the others moved soon. Got my one old hen who is still spinning in circles, she gets crook neck bad when she gets stressed or too hot. Vitamins are a must and I have gone back and forth with what to use. Been using Avian Super Pack but wondered if there was something better. I have Avia Charge 2000, pretty old though and moisture got in there so icky. Ordered some more but the birds never really seem to care for it. Also bought Amino Plex 500 but I just do not think it is entirely what I need.

Got some people interested in some males this year, which is a good thing seeing thats pretty much what I hatched out. Only 1 blue bird this year and it was a female, which I suppose is fine but would like a few more blue, got a ton of black. Never did get rid of my 6 toed issue in the blacks, got about 3 babies that need to be sold as pets because of it as well as my 2 little calicos. Oh well, everyone always wants silkies so its a good thing, just wish there were more people in CO to sell too!!

July 26th, 2010

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Well summer is officially here and it is HOT!!


Most of my babies are grown up now, and can pretty much tell the boys from the girls. The last of the chicks are in the house still, only due to lack of places to put them. I have one white that has a bad toe, so am trying to fix it with a pipe cleaner splint as it grows. Had two off colored white chicks, they look calico and will also be up for sale, though I still think they are from the black pen, because I have NEVER gotten anything but white from my white pen and have been using the same male for the last few years. This year will get a new male from my buddy Connie with Premier Silkies, as well as a female and a trio of blacks. Will hopefully be hooking up with her at the New Ulm, MN show in the fall, as long as they approve my vacation at work.

If anyone is interested in some black, blue or buff males, let me know ASAP to reserve them. If I do not have a downpayment on birds I will not hold them and they will be sold to who I can sell them too.

My brooder house is finished, just need to move my dog kennel cages in the building and my 3 tier rabbit cage inside and we are set. Hubby finished it a month earlier than expected, which is good, as our house still needs painted on the outside and the flooring needs done on the inside before winter. He is agood guy I tell you I am lucky.

Check out my for "For Sale" page.