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Show Silkies in Northeastern Colorado


30'x40' Silkie Coop

My name is  Cara Smith, and I am located in  Colorado. We are about an hour and a half from Denver. I  became interested in chickens  in 2003  and it has truly become a passion. I am  NPIP certified, #84-60 and our flock is tested each year for Avian Influenza and Pullorum/Typhoid.



I am a member of the American Silkie Bantam Club,  the American Poultry Association ,and the American Bantam Association.

I have had some issues in the past 6 years with predators and dogs getting into my pens, so purchased a 30x40 building to house the silkies year round.

My previous coop was falling apart, and they absolutely never used their outdoor space even when the weather was good.

I have shown my birds in Colorado mostly, but have previously traveled to New Mexico, Kansas and Nebraska. I would like to expand to a few more states if possible.  All birds are vaccinated for Mareks Disease.

Please note,   for the duration of 2020,  I will NOT have any birds or chicks for sale. I am going through extensive medical issues,  with requires me to stay out of the coop  due to risk of infection, and with Covid-19, I cannot take a chance of getting sick. I hope to resume hatching   in 2021.


5'x10' pens

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