Silver Pullet Poultry


Wheaten and Silver Wheaten Silkies

Unintentionally, I have begun a project of odd silkies.

I get these strange chicks out of my black pen every so often, and most of the time, I have gotten blacks but once in a while I have gotten a silver gened white chick or a bird that has been like a grey or a partridge.

This year, I have gotten 2 chicks that fit neither description. They hatched out of eggs I had marked BLACK, so they came out of my black pen. My original pair of blacks have Myron Turk and Glen See for background genetics, so its a known fact that I have white silkies somewhere back there. Also, I was told that they could be carrying lavender, though I have never seen it crop up. When I get the silver gened white chicks, they are always a smoky color (indicates 2 copies of the silver gene?) but the comb is always so red I get rid of them. The chicks were born white, so I knew right from the start that they would be oddballs, but did not know how odd. One does have 6 toes on each foot, but the second one does not. The 6th toe was a dead give away for the black pen as I have had that happen there occasionally.

These are the chicks from a while back. I have discussions going on both American Silkie Bantam Club and  so will post these discussions as I can. These will be my F1 chicks as I will rebreed them back to the father this fall.

This is the Wheaten one, who is older, probably about 5 months old now?

as she grows and its a pullet. I originally associated it with salmon faverolle coloring until someone said wheaten and yup it looked like that. This one is fully bearded from what I can tell, and this is the one with 6 toes on each foot.



This is the Silver Wheaten chick. She is prbably about 1-2 months younger than the other one. Also, her beard is not as full yet, she has 5 toes on each foot, and instead of the black in her, she has blue.

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