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 I am selling out of the Dutch bantams to make more room

for my Silkies and Guineas. Check out the sale page for



I have been raising Dutch Bantams for about many years now. They are sweet good natured, small birds. They are one of the smallest bantams, second only to the Serama and a True Bantam, meaning they have no large fowl counterpart. My stock originated from birds I received from Jean Robocker and Ken Lee.

Do to space issues and my interests leaning more toward Silkies, I have sold out of the Light Brown Dutch bantams.

If you are wanting Dutch bantams, my friend Nancy has a website where she has Dutch as well, from the same people as mine.-


Due to the pen space needed for the Silkies, I have only a limited number of Dutch bantams. I only keep around 10 or so. I only intend on hatching what I need as replacement birds, so hatching will be limited. NO EGGS will be shipped out in Dutch bantams, started pairs ONLY, when available. View my contact page for additional comments on selling birds. 













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