Silver Pullet Poultry

I have gotten a few really nice girls from some top breeders as well as some really super males from other breeders. Other came from private breeders who do not show. I have sold off all my Splash birds. I will be concentrating on Blue and Black this year.

Show Quality means no faults at all that I can tell.  I will sell show quality silkies on rare occasions, but my formost goal is to provide myself with new stock every year to replace the old ones as needed. I hatch on a limited basis and do not hatch hundreds of birds each year. Check with me in SPRING for adult birds I wish to get rid of to make room for chicks, these will be wonderful breeder birds. I will likely only have young cockerels and pullets available in the FALL.

Eggs are available SOMETIMES, but due to people who think that every egg will and should hatch, I am reducing the number of eggs I sell. If you are new to hatching shipped eggs - you need to read my for sale page about shipping eggs. IF I feel the need to sell eggs, they MUST be paid for with a money order. $50 flat fee, and you will get anywhere from 1-2 dozen, and that includes shipping. No guarantees, no promises, that is NOT the way SHIPPING EGGS work.


Pics of the blue and black crowd 


Three females I showed on April 24th, 2010



New chicks

This goes along with the blog about the zebras. I hatched out these 3 chicks from the blue black pen. I really do not know where to put this as I cannot say where the colors came from.

I have talked with many silkie people, and no one can really tell me what color they are or why I got them. They are similar to a Lavender chick, but they are not. The cockerel carries lavender, but these stripes I have been told indicate partridge genes. They are mostly feathering out to be blue, but one is really dark, and one is really light. The one that has the darkest stripes is feathering out the darkest. And to be honest, the lightest one seems to have some light tan in it. I am kinda leaning toward a Blue Partridge at this point. I will post more pics at the chicks develop.


This is the way that the chicks turned out and all three are now living in TX!

This was the darkest one you see above, She turned out to be all blue with a white chest. Could probably still change.

This is the second one. She is pretty much blueish grey, but has brown hackle feathers around her neck.

And here is the third one. She appears to be a pure partridge, not much blue in her at all.